19 Sep 2006 Ann Frank
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I read my first book about Ann Frank this weekend. I had heard her name growing up and heard people having to read her diary for class, but while in school I didn’t like to read, and I wasn’t about to read something I didn’t have to for class.

Now I really enjoy reading and am working through a box of scholastic books I have bought over the last year. I read a biography on Ann Frank and am completely interested in her. I want to go and buy her diaries now to read next and add to my library. I stayed up late reading because I was so mezmorized by everything Ann and her family went through. The events of the Holocaust have always struck me hard. It is such a horrible event that it’s hard for me to grasp the reality of it. And then noticing that it really was not very long ago that it happend is even harder to grasp. I started to calculate the years to see which of my relatives were around during that time. I’m curious to know their view on everything while it was going on.

Events of her life that I read about continue to run through my head after reading about her life. I am so grateful for the life God has given me.

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    And your husband even has pictures of the bookcase from when he was at her house six years ago. 😉

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    Hey Dana,
    i like LOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEEEE anne Frank.
    i have all the movies~ all the books and everything!!!!