27 Aug 2006 Work
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This will be my first full week at the office. I’m glad I only had part of the week last week to get my feet wet. I’m nervous/anxious for some reason, and can’t really pin point why. I think mainly I am just bummed that I’m not in my own classroom. I started helping out in the children’s Sunday School class today instead of the youth, so that was nice to get to be with younger kids. I’m not really sure what God is doing right now. I’ll have this job for 2 months, which makes substitute teaching impossible ’cause I’ll be missing the orientation this Thursday. And even if I could make it, I’d have to turn down subbing positions for 2 months, and probably just after 1 that’d be enough to not get any more calls. So then I’ll just have November and December without a job of what I can see right now…but maybe that could be time to call around to schools and see if anyone needs to hire a teacher for the 2nd semester? I have no clue. I am grateful that God has given me something stable for the next 2 months to make more of an income for Tim and I.

The people in the office are all very nice, and this keeps me busy during the day. I think I’ll be feeling better after I’ve been there for a whole week. I think I just need to get a good night’s sleep tonight.

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    It seems as if we have a a lot in common – the husband youth pastor… the wife that’s an elementy educator… and weddings in august… yeah for God commonalities! Hope you have a grea week