25 Aug 2006 Whew!
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I am exhausted! I had a wonderful week. It seems like forever ago that Tim and I celebrated our one month on Tuesday. Work was good. That’s why I’m exhausted though. I got up at 6 Wednesday morning, then after learning a little about the traffic decided I’m good for waking up at 6:30 and leaving by 7:15. Those 30 minutes make a huge difference!

Wednesday all I did was answer the phones and stuff a few envelopes. Yesterday I learned what to do with the invoices and go to go to about each one. Then today I did the invoices on my own. Fridays are crazy in the office. The phones seemed like they were ringing non-stop, and today was pay-day for their employees, so I had people constantly coming in the office. I got my user name and email set up today so I can do the rest of my duties. I’ll probably be learning a few more things Monday and Tuesday also. It’s defiantely the most involved temp job I’ve had, but it’s paying better also.

I also really like each person there. I’m still meeting new people each day, and they’re all very nice. My favorite is the first lady I met when I got there Wednesday. She is a very sweet hispanic lady. Theres just something about her that I’m drawn to. It’s just obvious that she is a very caring person. I already know that on Monday I’ll be meeting 2 more people in the office. They were out this week for some training, so that’ll probably up my work in the office too.

I’m exhausted each day when I get home, but I’m happy that I’m able to help pitch in financially with my family. 🙂 I started to feel a little sick today, and right now I’m feeling that way again. I need to go to sleep, and I will when I finish this. When I got home from work today I cooked Tim and I some hotdogs for dinner so we could make it to a volleyball game where 2 of our youth girls were playing, then left early to go to the marriage seminar at our church that our pastor is leading. It’ll be most of the day tomorrow too. Then after that or on Sunday I need to clean the apartment and go grocery shopping. I also need to find time to work on thank-you notes. I thought I’d have time during the week after work, but between dinner and working out and trying to pick up a little, I didn’t. Maybe next week I’ll have more time. As much as I was worried about not having a job for our finances, I am really appreciating that time off I had now.

I miss Tim like crazy when I’m at the office. I took a wedding picture of ours to put on my desk so I can look at it throughout the day, and I get to call him on my lunch break for a few minutes. I’m excited to get to spend all day with him tomorrow. I need it.

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    I need you too, baby. 🙂