29 Aug 2006 Sorry about all the posts.
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I just posted a ton of pictures. To get them in order you’ll have to go backwards in posts, but forwards in order of the pictures in each post. Sorry if that’s confusing. I posted all of my favorites at http://picasaweb.google.com/danawayman. I couldn’t help but the share these pictures though. It took a lot to cut them down to this many to put on my blog, but I still think I over did it.

I could use some prayers. Work is going great. I’m really good at clerical work, or actually now being an administrative assistant. I’m stilling being trained in one or two new things each day. I think theres still more to learn tomorrow. I’ve been impressed with how I’ve been able to multi-task so much. And I completely give the praise to God God ’cause I wouldn’t be able to do it without him. So why do I need prayer? ‘Cause even though I’m good at what I’m doing, I would love to be in the classroom. It’s not going to happen this semester, and I know that. So now I am trying to be joyous in the fact that God has given me a job to help support Tim and I and I should do this out of servanthood to Christ and Tim. I have a hard time every once in a while longing for a classroom, like when I was swamped with paper work and wishing that I could be spending time impacting children.

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