29 Aug 2006 More Pictures!
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Brianne mailed me the cd of her pictures she took at the wedding. Although I’m about the post a lot of pictures on here there are a ton more at http://picasaweb.google.com/danawayman. I wanted to choose a few of my favorites to put on here though. I had to delete 2/3 of my favorites that I was about to post though. 🙂 I love these pictures!

Brooke (my sister-in-law and Matron of Honor) helping me squeeze into my dress. I cracked up seeing my expression!
Tim and his little brother Mark getting ready for the wedding

Me and my little sister waiting around before the wedding.

We took most of our pictures before hand so I had the photographer’s wife clear out the foyer so Tim and I could have some alone time before all the craziness began…Well mostly alone time except for our photographer, his wife and Brianne. They are special. 😉 Posted by Picasa

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