22 Aug 2006 Happy Anniversary to me!
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Today marked mine and Tim’s one month of being married and 3 years of being in a relationship. To celebrate we went to dinner at On The Border. It was nice to get to go out to dinner, we’ve been very careful not to do anything extra, so we could save up for our dinner tonight. Tim posted a little about it at his blog too.

Yesterday I applied to be a sub, and today my cousin Jeana called me with a place needing a receptionist. Although I would like to be in a classroom, subbing isn’t ideal for me since kids are usually tough on subs. Also, with subbing it’d be the luck of the draw for me waiting around until I get a phone call to come into a classroom. With the temp agency I’ve got a job for at least the next 2 months as a receptionist from 8-5 Monday-Friday. It’ll be a pretty far commute. It’s 23 miles, Tim and I drove out there after dinner so I would know where to go in the morning, but it’s something stable right now to give us a little more income. Now I’ll just be praying for Tim’s car to be okay with a commute like that.

I’m really excited to have a place to have to wake up early and be at. I worked out to my pilates video and took a shower just a bit ago so I will sleep well tonight. I’ll probably go and make my lunch before bedtime so I wont have to worry about doing it in the morning. I have to there at 8, so I’ll probably leave the apartment at 7 which means I’ll be waking up around 6.

I have really enjoyed not working with Tim working every other day, ’cause that gives us every other day to sleep in and spend extra time together. It’ll be interesting to see how me working changes things around here.

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