14 Jul 2006 Yay! I did something productive today!
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Have you ever gotten so anxious that you can’t wait for something to happen, but you don’t want to do anything to prepare for it? Thats the kind of mood I’m in right now. I’m ready for the wedding to be here and have all the fun part, but I don’t want to do any of the work that has to be done between now and then.

I’ve been saying for a few days now that I’ll start going through my room and clean stuff out and get things boxed up for my classroom and things boxed up for the apartment. I still haven’t even started looking at one thing yet.

But! I did take mine and Tim’s rings to the jewlers here in town and got the edges of our rings roughed up, and got my ring cleaned again. At first they said it couldn’t be done since the edges on our wedding bands are so tiny, but the lady took our rings to the back to the guy who does the work and he was able to put a stone finish on the edges of our bands. Now theres a contrast in the metal from the high polish center and the stone finish edges. I like our rings a lot now. And I think Tim will be a lot happier with them also. Since the store wasn’t sure if they could do it or not, and it didn’t take very long for them to stone finish the edges they did it free of charge. And they cleaned my engagement ring and told me to come back next Friday to have it cleaned again so it’s really sparkly for pictures.

So that’s my productive moment for the day. Maybe a little later I’ll start going through the things in my room . . .

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    You know how this works: You’ll wait until Friday to start packing and then you’ll start freaking out because it’s not done yet and there’s no time left to do it. lol I love you!

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    Dana Delynn 

    I’ve gotta have everything packed up before Tuesday when my great grandma comes to town and I’m kicked out of my room for the rest of the week.