19 Jul 2006 Wedding Drama (sorta)
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The wedding week just got a little more exciting. We no longer have a standing mail box. We have one of those heavy duty brick mail boxes…or at least it’s suppose to be heavy duty. However strong it was, it was no match for a teenage girl searching in her car for a cell phone. The mail box is broken into two major parts with a few bricks here and there and the base out of the ground. The mail box didn’t seem to slow her down and she got herself lodged into our neighbor’s tree where is was inbetween the house and the tree. Front of the car in the tree trunk and the back of her Jeep almost in the neighbor’s bushes. I couldn’t have done that if I tried! Come to find out it’s her 4th wreck and her family is members at our church. Her mom was talking to my mom a bit and said, “Of all the houses we hit our preacher’s. At least it was only one preacher’s house.” Which actually, the yard she ended up into (our neighbor) is another preacher in town. At least she ran into probably the most forgiving people’s property she could have.

I came home after knowing our mailbox was hit, but didn’t think I’d not even see part of our mail box from the end of the road. I found it pretty humorous…we’ve got the wedding Saturday and company coming in. So no time to worry about the mail box. I’m just amazed how she could’ve done that. Have ya’ll seen the previews for whatever movie where Will Farrell is born a speed racer and tries to drive blindfolded? I thought of that move while looking at what she did. It could’ve been a lot worst. The girl is physically okay. I assume she’s in pretty big trouble with her parents. And she doesn’t have a car any more. It’s totaled.

To add some humor . . . the mail man still put our mail in the mail box! Yup, laying in our yard on it’s side and he puts it in! I wonder if he’ll pick up mail if I stick some in there and raise the flag. I wonder if he’d notice. He had to of had a sense of humor to have to get out of the truck and instead of taking it to the door and ringing the door bell just go ahead and put it in a ran over brick mail box.

So this weekend when people are trying to find out house you can’t see the address of our house any more, just look for the house without a mailbox!

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