11 Jul 2006 Pirates of the Caribbean
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The wedding is coming up soon! Tim and I got our marriage license yesterday and I got to show him the gifts we got from my bridal shower at Dad’s church. Mom and I tried to box everything up in an organized fashion (actually Mom boxed all of it up for me) so we can move it home easier. And today Tim and I are going to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Pirates of the Casribbean was the first movie Tim and I saw together, so we of course have to go see this one together. I ended up buying Pirates of the Caribbean from Target last week with one of our gift cards. Mom and Dad hadn’t seen it and were going to rent it, but I decided that I’d buy it since it’s a great movie and the first one Tim and I saw together. I ended up only paying $10 something with tax at Target, so I was extra excited about that! 🙂

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