30 Jul 2006 I’m married!
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Tim and I have been married for 8 days now and we’re LOVING it! The wedding was wonderful. It went by fast for me, as I was warned it might be a blur. I can’t wait to get the wedding pictures so I can see what actually happened at our wedding! 🙂 No major bloopers for the wedding. The honeymoon was wonderful! We went to Eureka Springs, AR. I recommend that for a vacation spot. Lots to do and really nice weather. The lake was great. Tim and I got to do a LOT of stuff. We were able to fit in about 2 activities a day. We went on a tour of a cavern, rented a jet ski, went canoeing, swam in the lake many times, went on a 2 1/2 mile hiking trail up and down the steep hills, I got to engenier a train for a little bit…got to accelerate it and pull the horn, walked around the historic district, and saw the Passion Play.

I’ll post wedding pictures when I get them.

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    Lynn Mills 

    I’m so happy for you! Your dress is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! I’m so sorry we had to miss it! Keep the pictures commin’!
    PS: Tim’s sight isn’t working??

  2. 2

    Looks like yall had a nice time. We just sent you a few pictures we took from your wedding. Jason & Kym

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    Dana Delynn 

    His sight got hacked so he had to do it over again. timschmoyer.com should be working again…but Tim has a lot of work to put it back to where it was.

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    Jon Craver 

    Love the Pics!!!! Plus i am so happy for you two. I will talk to you l8r sometime.

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    love your pictures and i am so excited for you guys!


  6. 6

    Loved the wedding.
    The foot washing was a beautiful pledge of servanthood.
    May you have many years of happiness and joy.

    love you guys,