06 Jul 2006 I miss Tim!
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This morning I got a call from a really strange number at 4:45am. Since it was so early and I didn’t recognize the number I didn’t answer. Then ended up getting a voicemail from Tim about 2 minutes later. I am still giving myself a hard time for not answering my phone. I contemplated calling the number back ’cause he said he was borrowing someone’s cell phone from the Ukraine, but I don’t know how much of a phone bill that would have rung up.

I’ve been keeping my phone close by me so I don’t miss his call though. He has a $10 calling card to use before he comes home. I will usually leave my phone in my room and go about my business…but now theres no way for me to call him back, so I’m ready at all times for his call. I can’t wait until we’re married and I don’t have to do this!

I miss Tim like crazy and wish he was here to discuss my school offer that I got today. He gets back Saturday afternoon, so thats not far off. Theres lots of stuff to keep me busy, but it’s mainly wedding stuff which makes me more eager for him to come home. I can’t wait until he comes out here Sunday and I can look at pictures, watch his videos and hold his hand!

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    awwwww I feel for you Dana. It is only less than 2 days now.