06 Jul 2006 Decisions Decisions
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Well, I just got back from my second interview at an elementary school. And they offered me the job. I just had enough time to drive from the school back to Tim’s apartment before they called be right before turning off my car.

I feel better about turning down my first offer. This school will be a whole lot better than that one I am thinking. I still want to know if I have a chance at the school I student taught at. But then I don’t know if this will be a better place for me or where I student taught.

I’ll be leaving soon to drive back home, so I’ll have 3 hours in the car of which I can give some thought to what I should do. Tim gets home Saturday, and I told the assistant principal that I would get back to him on Monday after I have a chance to talk to Tim. So that gives me a couple days to figure out what would be best.

Please pray for Tim and I has we discuss what is best for us.

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