19 Jul 2006 Busy, busy busy!
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The wedding is VERY soon now! Yesterday my family went to pick up my great grandma Z, who was able to fly in for the wedding. I am so amazed by her. She will be 90 in August and is still going strong. Such a woman of faith too! I’m excited that she’s able to be here for my wedding. I am also excited to get to take a generation picture with me and my mom and my gma M and my great gma Z.

Tomorrow I leave to go to Dallas and Tim will be coming out here when his family flies in, then I’ll be back in town Friday morning. I’ve gotta work out plans with my dad today and see if I’ll be taking a van full of my things and wedding presents or if we’ll wait. I’ll probably end up taking a van full ’cause I think my family is ready to get their dinning room back to looking like a dinning room instead of a bridal room.

The wedding still hasn’t sunk in completely. I’m thinking it will when the rest of my family and Tim’s family gets in town and we have the rehersal. I’m really ready to take the honeymoon and get to relax for once this summer. I’ve been working on trying to find a job, and have yet to take a day’s break from it. I called schools on Monday and even had a principal call me for an interview. And then yesterday the principal at the school I student taught at called me for an interview and we ended up doing a phone interview with her and the assistant principal. I’ll find out next week what they decide for their 4th grade classroom. She said she’ll just leave a message on my phone for me to check whenever I get a chance.

So hopefully the job hunt will hold still for the next 3 days and I’ll keep my phone off during the honeymoon. That way I can concentrate on getting everything ready and in order for the wedding and give a week to Tim.

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