01 Jun 2006 Workin’ out with Charity
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This morning I was feeling pretty sluggish so I forced myself to get up and work out to my favorite work-out video. It’s got a great drum rhythm in it, which apparently our bird liked. She would first study the moves I was doing to the video then started trying to do them in her own bird-like way. I don’t think I got as great of a work out as usual to this video because I was so distracted wanting to see what Charity was doing with each move I did. Took my mind off of the hard work of the work out though, which was nice.

I really recommend Crunch Fat Burning Pilates to anyone who doesn’t have bad knees. It’s a great workout that I feel tons better right after doing it. It really energizes you! Another favorite thing I like about it is you get a total body stretch while exercising, which makes sure you’re not sore afterwards. Of course…the first week I ever did this excercise video I was sore…mainly ’cause I hadn’t worked out in a long time and my body wasn’t use to it. But after that I haven’t been sore since after doing this workout.

*The picture above is what Charity looks like. She’s a Quaker Parrot.

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