06 Jun 2006 SELF magazine
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I rarely buy magazines anymore. The only ones I’m sort of interested in are fitness magazines, my top choice being SELF magazine. I even stopped buying those though. My purpose for them is to see if there are any new exercise moves that I haven’t seen or heard of to try out. So instead of buying the magazine I’d sneak a quick pick while waiting in the check-out line. Well this time the newest SELF magazine was in a plastic bag, so I couldn’t open it up and see. The headlines caught my eye, which they’re suppose to, and so I splurged and bought my first magazine of the year. Yes I have gotten bridal magazines, but those have been given to me.

Anyways, theres a section of tear-out cards in the middle of the magazine with a few different ab excercizes with the exercize ball. Luckily they also have a video online showing how these exercizes work because just one picture of one position of an exercize doesn’t really tell all. They give a description of what to do, but I’m not real bright when it comes to exercize moves, so the videos helped a lot.

It was kinda fun to try out these ab work-outs. My only thing, a couple of them were pretty hard ’cause I’m not good at balancing on the ball. Good thing no one was around to watch. I’m sure it was pretty funny. 🙂

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