21 Jun 2006 Go Ahead and Laugh
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I’ve had a couple funny things happen to me the last couple of days. They actually didn’t really happen to me, more so things I’ve done that kind of surprised me, but made me laugh a LOT! 🙂
Today I had an interview in a school district in the Dallas area. So I drove to my aunt and uncle’s yesterday evening.

I drove my Geo, which the air conditioner doesn’t work well in, so I drove with the windows down the whole way. I didn’t want my hair to be one big knot by the time I stopped driving, so I fumbled around and found one of my dad’s caps behind the seat. I looked in the mirror and had a great laugh at my new hickish look. About an hour into my drive I looked behind my shoulder and noticed part of my car flapping in the wind. The convertible gets a lot of wear and tear, and this one part was barely hanging on. I keep duct tape in my car for little mishaps with having a convertible, mainly keeping water out. So I figured instead of pulling over and trying to fix the panel I’d just duct tape the strip to the car. That lasted for about a whole of 20 minutes until it couldn’t stand up to the wind. So there I was driving along with my dad’s cap on and my car duct taped together. What a sight! 🙂

My other thing that I had a good laugh at myself was at my interview today. I was nervous, although having a great time talking to the principal and assistant principal, but still nervous. I think what makes me the most nervous about finding a job is that teaching is what I want to do for the rest of my life, and it means a whole lot to me to be able to teach a classroom of kids.

Anyways, so at the beginning of my interview (50 minutes long) I noticed a nervous mannerism that I was doing. When I was finished with a thought, explaining something or whatever I would touch my shoulders. I don’t remember ever doing this before as I talk, and even caught myself the first time I did it today, but for some reason couldn’t get myself to stop until about the third time it happened. I was so embarrassed about touching my shoulders, ’cause I could just imagine that looked pretty silly. I guess they didn’t really seem to care though, because I got a call about 30 minutes afterwards offering me the position.

I need to pray about this. I know it will be a tough position to teach. I’ll be working with inner city kids pretty much, and a lot of ESL students. I’m still praying about the position at my school I student taught at. The district approved for them to have the 4th grade class, so hopefully I can talk to the principal tomorrow and get an interview in tomorrow as well. I asked for a couple days to think and decide about the position at the school I talked to today. So we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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    Dana Delynn 

    I just remembered a little bit ago that at some point during the interview when they asked me something part of my reply was “Bring it on.” I don’t think I’ve ever said that phrase before actually meaning it. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. I’m still very excited that they made an offer.

  2. 2

    Commenting on your own blog? It’s like having a conversation with yourself! lol You’re so cute!

    Yes, so many decisions to make. At least they’re happening while I’m still around so we can talk about this stuff together.

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    Dana Delynn 

    I was thinking about that last night. I’d be in a mess if you were in the Ukraine already. Of course, the first week you’ll be gone I will be too on our youth mission trip, so that kind of helps. I like getting and want your input on my career.