17 May 2006 Love for a Child
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In the midst of all of the wedding excitement and stress my mind and heart has not been able to leave one of my kindergarten students. He shows up in my dreams and I think about him every day. I didn’t realize how much these kids really find a home in my heart. I have been praying for him and thinking about him so much. I emailed my cooperative teacher today to say hi and ask a favor and to see how he is doing. She doesn’t know right now. He has missed a week of school. She said she would let me know how he is when she sees or hears of him next. My heart feels broken right now as I sit here in tears for fear of what he is going through right now. A five year old should not have the rough life he has, but he does. The teachers classroom should be a safe place for students to go to and forget about their worries of their hard lives. This child has not had that opportunity this week, and that breaks my heart. He doesn’t have his loving teacher and friends to see and share a hug and smile with every day. All I can do is pray for God’s protection over him, and trust that God will take care of my little soldier.

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    Ill pray too!! Thats so sad.

    Lexi <><