03 May 2006 Keep the Prayers coming. They’re working!
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I get my color choice of bridesmaid dresses! We are going with “pool” from David’s Bridal. Glory (Tim’s sister) set up an appointment to try on dresses on Monday and ordered her dress which will be coming in on June 12th. Grace and Nancy (Tim’s sister and mom) looked at dresses and ordered one for Grace on Tuesday, and it’s coming in on June 15th. I just ordered Brooke’s (my sister-in-law) dress today and it will be coming in on June 14th. Now I just have to get Katelin (my sister) a dress, which will get done this Saturday.

I’m moving home for the summer on Friday. I was planning on going on Saturday, but I want to be there when my sister tries on bridesmaid dresses.

I am so in awe and amazed with how smoothly everything is coming together. I can see God’s hand in every step of the planning. Tim and I settled on wedding invitations and I’m about to order those so we can get them out in a timely manner. I was super nervous last week about if we’d have enough time to get everything together, but July 22nd seems ordained by God for Tim and I to get married then. The road blocks I thought we’ve hit have just been little bumps that God has flown right over. And God has even had things done that I wasn’t even planning to happen…such as my wedding dress. How amazing it was that I didn’t even plan to get one so early, but God knew how much time I would need for it to be altered and ready for me…and it was the right time and place to get the one I love.

Also today Nancy (Tim’s mom) called to tell me the good news about the rehersal dinner. She called around town today to figure out a place for them to stay while they are down for the wedding, and also for places to cater or go for the rehersal dinner. She found 3 deals, 2 of which are great and would be awesome for either way she chooses.

Tim and I are almost set on a honeymoon place also. We’re down to about 3 different places to choose from.

I am amazed with how great and fast things are coming along. Praise God for His mighty hand and moving mountains for all of this running smoothly.

Next prayer requests:
*I still need to apply to a couple more school districts for jobs.
*I can focus on my schooling/job application process and get that out of the way…or to a place where I can relax and rely on God. This means taking a little time off from wedding plans.
*We can find a dress for Katelin on Saturday or that one can be ordered to come in the middle of June.
*Invitations get to us in a timely manner so we can send them out in time for a heads up for out-of-towners (which is pretty much everyone).
*That Tim and I find time to do wedding registries before I move home on Friday.
*Tuxedo/suit choices will not take long and that we can get groomsmen measurements and the tux/suit we decide on.
*I can decide on flowers for the wedding. I haven’t even started looking into that yet.
*That we can decide on the honeymoon place in time to book it far enough in advanced.

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