06 May 2006 Back Home
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I moved back home for the summer last night. I wanted to be able to go with my family to get my sister’s bridesmaid dress…and I am sooo glad I did that.

I got home around midnight, talked to my family for about 5 minutes then went to sleep. I woke up about 9, took our time getting around, then went to Bossier City, Louisiana which has the closest Davids Bridal to us. We found the dress and in the size that Katelin needs, just not the color. The lady helping us went to check the date of when the dress could be in the soonest…and the date is July 29th. A week after the wedding! Ummm…not gonna happen!

So I called the Davids Bridal where I got my dress, and they didn’t have the dress in store, and I was bummed and about to hang up, when the lady stopped me real quick and gave me 2 numbers to Davids Bridals that are showing they have the dress in the store…exact style, color and size we need. I tried the first number which was another Louisiana store, and the number wasn’t a working number. So I called the Colorado store she gave me…and they have the dress!!!

So on Monday they should be mailing the dress home, and then Mom will find someone to alter the dress for Katelin.

God has really been generous with this wedding. I fall in love with the most popular color for weddings this summer. Try to do a wedding in less than 3 months, and am told that it will take that long for the dresses to be ordered…but God worked it out so that my 4 bridesmaid dresses that my bridesmaids like can all get in, in time for the wedding. Amazing!

Mom and I searched for pictures of bouquets online tonight. We’ll probably go to a florist Monday or Tuesday. I also searched for photographers in town and found a few of them with websites and emailed them for rates and if they are available the day of the wedding. So I’m praying for that and waiting for replies. Dad is also going to check with people at church if they do photography or know someone who does a great job.

I got an email back from Kym about the wedding bands. I need to look at the ones she suggested. It looks like the wedding bands are more difficult than I thought they would be.

I think Tim also reserved our honeymoon place today. So that’s all taken care of.

All of this wedding stuff really drains me. It has been a super long day with it being all about wedding. Hopefully it wont take much longer to figure everything out, and then I’ll have some time to relax. I’ve been engaged for 2 weeks and I’ve worked on wedding stuff every single day. We do have more than half the wedding planned though, so at least we’re getting somwhere!

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    I’m really looking forward to July 22nd!! Everything is coming together nicely. You’re doing a great job with all this planning.

    Now hurry up and come back to Dallas! I miss you.

  2. 2

    Im so glad that things are coming together! It sounds like you are having a stressful but totally priceless time organizing this wedding!!

    Lexi <><