10 Apr 2006 Traffic
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Every day so far traffic has been good. I drive the opposite way than the main traffic all the way to school…but today was a mess. I left the house at 6:50 which will usually get me to school at 7:30 if I take my time…some times earlier. But today I didn’t get to the school until 8:15. I spent over an hour on the road this morning. The only thing I heard on the news that was the reason for the traffic was over 10 miles away from where I got in the line of traffic. Either route I could choose to get to the school would have taken me to the heart of the problem. After traveling 2 miles in 20 minutes the accident was cleared and the traffic had lightened up. It was still thicker than usual, but I was able to go the speed limit.

Today was also suppose to be my first full day teaching Kindergarten…which I did do most of it, but my teacher still stepped in and helped with a few things…which I am very grateful for. Getting to the school late when planning on getting there early to make sure I had everything in order really through my day off so I was a little frazzled. The students didn’t seem to notice the difference. I did get bombarded when I walked in the room though. It was so cute. Even some of the boys who hadn’t given me a hug before hurried over and hugged me. That was a nice turn of events.

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