06 Apr 2006 The Power of Prayer
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I haven’t been as stressed teaching Kindergarten as I was with 3rd grade, so I actually have the time and energy to do small groups again, but I’d only be able to do it for a few more weeks before I move home for the summer, so I don’t want to do that to the girls. I miss them like crazy, and it was nice to see them at ATF and on Sunday mornings, but it’s not the same. I so wanted to stay this last Wednesday after going up to finish my conversation with Lexi we were having online, but knew that I shouldn’t.

When I came home I got “Lunch Money” a chapter book I’m reading for fun and got comfortable on the hammock to read. Then God started nudging my heart to go get my Bible and spend this time with Him. So I grabbed my Bible, journal and devotional and spent some time with God. He has laid a lot of stuff on my heart since ATF, and this was a nice start. I’ve decided to start memorizing scripture since I’ve never really done it before. The skits at ATF really spoke to me on memorizing scripture. It’s good to have scripture close to your heart for when you don’t have the Bible physically with you. So that’s what I’m starting on now. Slowly but surely.

It was nice to set a side a long period of time with God, so I think Wednesday nights will be my extra special time with God for now on. I also started a Battle Plan at battlecry.com. One of the plans I chose was to memorize scripture on the power of prayer, so I figured that would be a good place for me to start my scripture memorization since I really didn’t have an idea of where to start. I pray that this will help to keep me accountable in my walk with Christ also.

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