05 Apr 2006 My Own Personal Project
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I have decided to take a kindergartner under my wing and give him extra attention. He isn’t even in my class, but God has really laid him on my heart. So far what I have found out is that he has a rough home life, and he just needs love.

Yesterday as I was walking with the entire kindergarten class to recess I gave this boy a compliment and he was so completely excited. I found out later that this is because he rarely gets praised for good behavior. Mainly I think because there aren’t many chances to find him doing good behavior. After recess he came up to me and asked if I would tell his teacher how good he was doing in the hall…so I decided I could do that. He was standing near by and just loved that I bragged on him to his teacher. He then asked if he could get a sticker for good behavior, so I responded with, “If you have good behavior for the rest of the week I will think about it.” Today he wouldn’t let me forget. At lunch I went over and asked him if he was being good for his teacher…and for once he actually was. I complimented him on his good behavior and he reminded me about his sticker, and I reminded him about making good choices for the rest of the week.

I continued talking to him for a little bit, and he showed me his lunch, and said he was sick and tired of the same sandwich over and over, and opened it up to show me his meat…which actually looks like the lunchmeat I buy for my sandwiches, so I told him about that and he took a great big bite of his sandwich and told me how tastey it was. That was too cute and just brightened my day.

I have a big heart for kids that do not have the greatest home life. I think my main reason for wanting to be a teacher is so I can be a stable good example for my students. I want to be someone they know they can depend on, and give them the knowledge and ability to succeed in their life.

I have already tried to rack my brain for different things I can do with this student on top of student teaching in my classroom. Next week I start taking over the entire day, so this will cut down on my time with him, but I have gotten permission from his teacher for him to come visit me when I want to work with him. I need to pray about it and figure out what would be best for him.

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    That’s pretty cool. We kinda underestimate just how powerful a little hug or word of encouragement can be, especially to kids who think we’re huge important giants. A little affirmation and love can change the entire direction of a kid’s life.

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    Thats sooo great Dana!!! Im so grateful that this kid is getting to experience a little bit if Christ’s love through you! Keep up the great work!!!! He sounds like a really fun kid.

    Lexi <><