17 Apr 2006 Hard Sleep
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I’m still battling my allergy/sinus stuff I got last week. Mom got me some Target brand pseudephed(sp?) this weekend which is helping. The pharmacist told us it’s a stimulant…and that it is. Usually that stuff makes me drowsy, but this I guess is designated non-drowsy although the box doesn’t say so. Last night right before going to bed I took some of that medicine so I could breathe while I slept…except forgot that it’s a stimulant. I tossed and turned until around 10pm trying to figure out why I couldn’t fall asleep, then remembered what the pharmacist said about the medicine. I forced myself to sleep and finally got some sleep. I fell into a deep sleep that I woke up several times during the night thinking that I was sleeping through my alarm. Even waking up at 12:30am thinking that. Tonight I’ll take the correct medicine for my allergies.

I had my first dream of one of my students. One of our boy’s birthdays was last week, so that was the gist of my dream topic. He wasn’t in class today, so I hope he is feeling okay and will be there tomorrow. We did get back one of our students that was sick all last week, so that was nice to have him back. I really enjoy teaching and being there for my students.

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