09 Apr 2006 Graduation Announcements
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I decided to make my own graduation announcements instead of paying for the expensive official announcements the school is selling. I figured I can try to do something like those picture Christmas cards…or make my own announcements with the envelope and send a picture with it…I’ll figure that out within the next 2 weeks.
Debra was so nice to cut and style my hair today before Tim and I went to the Botanic Gardens for him to take my pictures. I like how they turned out…and if it didn’t take so long to post the pictures on here, I would’ve put more. I made a cd of the pictures to take home so my family can help me choose which picture/s to use for my graduation announcements.
But here’s a sneak peek of some of the 100+ pictures taken…

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    yayyyy!! your graduating!!! Im so excited for you!!! :)Im emensly happy for you. Good job…. lol I really am gonna die when I get into college…. watch me lol

    Lexi <><

  2. 2

    I like the first pic the best. But they are all really good!

  3. 3

    YAY Dana! My favs are you on the stairs, you resting on your arm, and the 2nd one of you and Tim! You look beautiful!


  4. 4

    I posted a lot more of the pictures on my blog’s photo album.