27 Apr 2006 Clueless
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The more I try to think of things for the wedding, the more clueless I find out I am. I don’t know where to start.
We’ve already got our first conflict. We’re wanting to get married July 22, 2006 (this Summer). But, Tim is suppose to be at a camp in Knoxville the week of the 22nd and be done on the 21st…but that’s not early enough for him to make it for when his family comes to town early for the wedding. So we’re waiting to hear back from someone tomorrow to see if they will be able to take Tim’s place so Tim can get married. I know God has everything under control…I just hate to wait.
I’ve been looking at brides maids dresses. I like David’s Bridal where I can pick the color and then the bridesmaids can pick the style. Their dresses are pretty expensive though. I’ll have to look around some more. Is $130 too much for a bridesmaids dress…or is that normal? I figured I’d get the bridesmaids dresses under way first and then worry about my own dress. The color that I am leaning towards is called “pool.” I don’t want to do pinks or periwinkle or red. Those have all been done or want to be done by family. I like the advertisements that David’s Bridal have put out using pool. I like the bright splash of color. I’m still not completely sure though. Feedback on that would be nice.

I’ve been getting to bed really late with all this wedding stuff on my mind. I need to wake up extra early tomorrow so I can get to school early and set up for us to make Ladybug Hangers. I need to prep the hangers and make circle die cuts in the morning. It’ll be fun!

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    I really LOVE that color! I think bright splashs are the way to go! I got my bridesmaids dresses from Davids Bridal too (the hot pink ones, I loved them!)and if I remember correctly they were also $130. I thought it was expensive, but no one said anything, I think its just kind of expected.

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    by the way that was Adrienne 🙂

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    OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH I love the color pool, beautiful for a July wedding.As for the price, $130.00 isn’t bad at all Dana. I’ve been married for 15 years now and my bridesmaid’s paid around $100.00 for thier dresses and noone said a word except for “pick a dress” =)
    Once you finish teaching for the year you can get on the ball and plan your wedding.
    Kaleigh and I picked up a few little things for you,I’ll mail the box to Timmy’s church early in the week.
    Love ya!