03 Apr 2006 Beauty Marks
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I am trying to get my skin to clear up before next Sunday when I take my senior pictures hopefully to mail out as my graduation announcements. With doing this I have decided not to wear makeup this week, which made today the first day of my student teaching that I haven’t worn make up to school…maybe second, but I’m not sure. So today while walking around observing my students at work one of the girls says, “Ms., you have a mole right above your eye brow. Moles are a mark of beauty, and you are beautiful.” She obviously does not know the difference between a mole and a pimple… I really didn’t think that this blemish is all that obvious, and still didn’t after checking it out in the mirror, just shows you how observant kids are. Her remark makes me smile though ’cause she practically said my pimple is a sign of beauty. So, good news to all who struggle with acne. It’s beautiful! 🙂

Hope this adds a little humor to your day. It did for me after I got over the initial embarassment I got from this 6 year old.

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