27 Mar 2006 What a Day
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I dug for dinosaur bones.
I sat in a dinosaur foot print.
I laid on a bed of nails.
I walked across a construction beam above lots of buildings.
I road on a bus.
I took a lot of Kindergarteners on their first field trip.

Today was wonderful! It was so much fun to see the excitement in the kid’s eyes. For most of them even the bus ride was a highlight of their day because it was their first time on a bus. I got to walk around with a group of the kids all day and help explore and discover many things. The kids and adults were all exhausted after the day long field trip, and the students were wondering why they were going home 30 minutes after they got back to school. I think they were assuming we’d have our regular day of school afterwards. So cute.

I also started my 3 day ESL study session. I just finished printing out the preparation manual again. They gave us wonderful study papers for this, and now I need to manual to answer the questions we will go over tomorrow in our next session. 3 days of 2 hour sessions, then reading through the material again should prepare me for my ESL certification.

I realized this weekend that my transcript from one school I was only at for a semester was while I was still in school there, so it doesn’t have my grades or GPA. Have to wait until that gets mailed to me this week to fill out applications. Will I ever get around to these? I know I will, but it just feels like this process is taking way longer than it should. Maybe I could go ahead and fill some out, but I’m too scared to start an application and not be able to finish it online and then have to start all over. Maybe that wont happen, but I don’t know what will. I’d rather have everything together and ready to be filled out.

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