28 Mar 2006 Real Quick…
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I didn’t have my observation today…I didn’t write it down on my calendar…it’s actually next Tuesday.

I am really enjoying teaching dinosaurs to the students. It’s a fun subject and the kids really like it.

Scholastic made a very good goof for my teacher and gave her double on an order. So now instead of purchasing the students books when they read a certain amount she has a couple boxes of books for them to choose from, and also gave me some really cute and some really helpful books that are building my classroom library!

I had the ESL study session again tonight. It’s really good and really helping me. I’m pretty sure I’ll pass the ESL practice test in April after these sessions and looking over the material again.

I got to work out again tonight to my Crunch Standing Pilates video. I really like the total body workout it gives. Makes me feel healthier.

Tomorrow is our Pastries with Parents so I have to be at the school at 7, which means I need to leave no later than 6:20, which means I need to wake up at 5, which means I need to be in bed now.

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