05 Mar 2006 More Life Lessons
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Tim and I went to Abilene Friday night for a friend’s wedding Saturday. I wanted to go early so I had time to see my friend Sherrie before her wedding and I wouldn’t get a time to see her. I also wanted to have more time to hang out with friends. My mind is still boggled by the lessons I learned this weekend.

The main one is that some people don’t grow up. I’m embarrassed to think back and figure out if I actually acted like these people still act. And sadly enough, more than likely I probably did. I’ve come to a point where I’ve realized that a lot of this immaturity just has to be shrugged off, and along with that the person too and move on with life and surround myself with other people. I wasn’t really shocked, but dismayed when I got a bad look from the girl who was my best friend when I lived in Abilene when I sat with my friend Sarah instead of with all the sorority girls during the wedding. Little petty stuff like that isn’t really worth any time fretting over.

Another lesson I learned is that I need people. I thrive off of people. This isn’t a new concept, but I am really realizing that I need more than Tim to satisfy my social needs. And I don’t need just anyone, I need girls. I need girl friends who I can hang out with and relate to. Tim tries to fulfill my needs, and I try to make him fulfill my needs of attention, but it’s not enough. No one person can fulfill my need for attention. On the drive back from Abilene I started wondering how I would do if I gave this need to God. Can God fill this attention void I have? I bet he can, and I’m curious to see how that would work. Guess this is my next life lesson to learn even deeper.

Tim wrote some about these two lessons on his blog, and also put a short video of our trip.
Check it out…

My favorite parts of the trip were getting to see my friends Sarah, Jenny and Kelle. These girls have grown and matured over the years, and it’s so nice to know that as I have changed, they have too and I can relate to them.

I have also become completely grateful that I moved away from Abilene. I’ve always kinda regretted it, but I am so glad now that I left.

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    Kelle’s dog was also excited to see us. 😉