04 Mar 2006 I passed 3rd grade!
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I finished up with my third grade class on Thursday. My teacher came and observed me then I left early for our student teacher meeting at 1:30. I really enjoyed working with my teacher and being in the 3rd grade classroom. I already miss them tons. Monday I start Kindergarten, I’m nervous, but I’m sure I’ll have a good time in there also.

My teacher got me two wonderful teacher gifts to help me decorate when I get my own classroom. I’ve shown everyone I possibly can. And the students wrote me goodbye cards which are too adorable. There are 3 specific ones that made me crack up laughing . . . and I read these during my student teacher meeting. 🙂 One was a picture drawn of me, just found it too funny, another one a student listed everyone’s name in the class “in case I forget about them,” and the other one said, “You teached us good.” Sure does look like it! The cards are all so sweet. I’m really going to miss the kids. It’s amazing how attached you get in such a short amount of time.

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    I hope you pass Kindergarten, too! lol

    You’ll do great!