06 Mar 2006 Crazy Woman Driver
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I have never been able to remember a certain car that I drive with in traffic each day until this one lady. One morning I was completly shocked by the bad driving of this lady who cut me off at least 2 times and a few others at least 2 times within a 10 minute period. While turning left at an intersection she drove into the next lane while a car was there causing the other car to have to switch lanes also. I was hoping that this was a one time thing and I wouldn’t be on the road at the same time with her ever again.

Then the next morning there she was again. I was actually behind her for a while before I realized who it was ’cause she was driving better. I didn’t recognize the look of the car until after her driving skills gave her away. At the same turn that started me noticing her bad driving she was completely off the lane of the road and on the shoulder then quickly cut someone off. Again, I didn’t recognize the car until I remembered the driving habits.

And then again this morning, although she is getting a little better, she totally went into the next lane while turning left at an intersection while someone was driving in that lane. I knew better than to drive next to her and decided to stay behind and take my time.

I think I might need to start leaving earlier so I wont be out at the same time as her.

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    lol you have got to watch this…. http://www.holylemon.com/WomenCarFight.html its hilarious!!!

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    Dana Delynn 

    lol that was great! Thanks for sharing!