22 Mar 2006 Another good day!
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Today was good also. The kids were more squirmy, but I’m getting use to the wiggles and the noise level. We are studying dinosaurs right now, so it’s fun getting excited about the information and then seeing the kid’s excited face. It makes me so happy to see how the smallest thing means the world to these kids and their face just lights up with excitement.

I talked to the assistant principal a little this morning. We crossed paths in the front offices. She talked to me about how to go about applying for jobs and gave me some good tips. Looks like this weekend will be my time to get everything in order and start filling out my online applications.

It’s 9pm and time for me to get in bed. I’ve been super tired lately and not feeling the greatest. I’ve been getting around earlier in the morning because my teacher gets to school early, and with me getting to school earlier it gives me time to relax and go over the morning lessons. Time for some cold medicine and sleep!

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