17 Feb 2006 Valentine Party Pictures
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    Your kids are sooooooooooooooo cute!!!! awww…. I love them all… lol can I be a student teacher? lol they are soooooo sweet! Im so jealous! lol your so lucky… I mean, I know that your really busy, but, yeah, your soooo lucky!!

    Lexi <><

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    Dana Delynn 

    I can already see you becoming a wonderful teacher. Children are drawn to you, as I said in your reference letter, you have a gift when it comes to kids. Have you thought about teaching?
    My kids are cute aren’t they? 🙂

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    yeah!!! your kids ARE reeeeeallllllly cute!!!

    I have thought about teaching!! and Im so jealous! you get to work wiht such great kids!! Im so happy for you!! And the age seems perfect as well! not to young, not to old… I d/k I jsut love kids!! your sooo lucky!

    Lexi <><