01 Feb 2006 Quick Update
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I just typed a long post and it got deleted. So this should be real short now.

I’m ticked off at these people’s dog ’cause it chewed up my lunch box (insulated lunch sack to be exact). I made sure it knows I’m mad at it. I took Tim to Wal-Mart and Target with no hope of a new one. The man at Target said to check back next week because they’re getting new stuff.

Small Groups was great today. The girls had a lot of stuff to talk about with what is going on in their life right now, so we chatted most of the time and then talked a little more on Prayer from last week. We’ll continue the lesson next week.

I was observed from my professor today for the first time. She only had one suggestion and it was to replace “do what” when I don’t understand a student to “excuse me.” Since that was the only suggestion I figure I did pretty well, but still question that there wasn’t any other pointers for me? My teacher I work with did say that this was the best lesson she has seen me do yet too, so I guess it was pretty good.

Tomorrow I’ll only be at school for half the day because I have to go to Fort Worth for our student teacher meeting. My 4 basketball players from small group have a game again tomorrow and at different times, so I’ll see if I can make it, ’cause this time they’re at different schools. We’ll see.

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