20 Feb 2006 Health, Youth and TAKS
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I’m super tired, but I’m feeling better. I went back to school today and it was so nice to see excited students as they came to the classroom and gave me a hug to welcome me back. In the lunch room I even heard students from the other 3rd grade classes say, “She’s back!” What a reward to have. I was so happy to see my students again. I was curious this morning getting around for school how I would do. I figured my sluggish morning was just me getting use to the early morning again. I tried to leave the house earlier than usual because of the slick roads, but ended up leaving 10 minutes later than usual. My car wouldn’t start. I’ve noticed it having trouble in the cold, but I haven’t tried starting it below freezing yet. Luckily Pamela was nice enough to let me borrow her car for the day, and Brian is in the middle of replacing the battery for me. God is blessing me in so many different ways this semester. Even things like this that come up, God is showing his face bright and clear.

I called all my jr. high girls today to let them know that I wont be doing Wednesday night Small Groups anymore. I hated doing that, but I knew I had to. I’d rather them hear it from me, and not find out this Wednesday when it’s our last Wednesday together. I had to recompose myself before each call, so I wouldn’t cry while telling them my decision. I don’t want to leave my girls. I’ll still be around for other youth activities, but this still seems so big to me. I didn’t let on to the girls with that, I made my “news” as positive as possible, but I still can’t stop missing them already. I know this is the decision I had to make though. I need to be careful with my health. I am being introduced to so many new germs, and I already get sick easily. Having a weekly night that I have to commit to is a lot when each day I just want to come home and collapse.

Tomorrow is TAKS day. My 3rd graders will be taking the TAKS for the first time ever. They’re prepared, they’ve been practicing for a long time now, it’s still hard for the teachers to see them go through the stress that this test brings. If they don’t pass, they have to go to tutoring and take it again. If they don’t pass that time, then it’s summer school and another try. If not then, repeat the grade. That’s a lot of pressure. Today was real positive for them though. All the teachers got lime green shirts to wear with the slogan on it and we gave them a pep rally to boost their spirits. No homework was given tonight, just the encouragement for them to have fun and rest up. Because I am not a certified teacher and not trained to give the TAKS I cannot be in the classroom. So for tomorrow, I will get to shadow the assistant principal all day long. That should be fun, and I will probably learn a whole lot too.

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