14 Feb 2006 Happy Valentine’s Day!
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Valentine parties are so much fun. I remember them being a lot bigger deal when I was in elementary. I guess everything seems big when you’re little. My students were wonderful. My favorite little girl that reminds me of Tim’s little sister saved up her allowance to get me and my teacher big teddy bears. She told me this afternoon that she found the very best one for me. She is so super sweet. I was very impressed when her mom told me that she saved up her own allowance to get them. I also got flowers, another stuffed animal, lots of chocolate and other odds and ends from the students. I think other people in the school were impressed with how much I got for just being a student teacher.

Yesterday went good with teaching. The kids were off the wall excited for today, and I wont be surprised if they’re still excited tomorrow. Towards the end of the day I was wearing down and while doing math on the board with the kids I was saying one thing and writing down something else. I also had to pause and do something at the desk and when I got back to the board thought I lost my marker, but the class so graciously blurted out that it was in my hand. I think I turned a little red, but the students and I got a good laugh. After both of these mistakes on of the boys looked at me and said, “Ms. Dana, you are now officially a teacher because you have made so many mistakes.” I laughed and said thank you. I don’t know if that’s a compliment or not, but it was cute.

Tim and I exchanged our gifts today, but aren’t going to “celebrate” VDay until Saturday. So we did our usual of working out and eating dinner. This has been a great Valentine’s Day.

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