19 Jan 2006 My management is progressing!
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Yay! Today was wonderful! The kids were off the wall, so my teacher warned me that I would have to be extra quick with my management skills I am working on. Yesterday I went through my lesson plans with my teacher before going home, then went over them again today at lunch and made some notes to carry with me so I knew exactly what to say when I got back to the classroom with the students. The students were mine since before lunch until after Science. They were wonderful! I wrote precise notes so I wouldn’t have one second of time where I didn’t know what to do. I even had transitional notes on how to keep the students busy while I got out and put away the overhead projector. I had to do that right now because I get frazzled very easily. The kids were wonderful though. I was expecting a nightmare, but they really enjoy working with magnets and seemed to love the lesson. My management technique I have to use with them is, “If you can hear me clap once. If you can hear me clap twice. . . .” My teacher snaps four times and they snap back, but my snap is not loud enough to be heard over all the talking going on . . . her’s is. It worked though, I only had to use it a couple times with the students. Once when they got too loud (they were so excited about what they were doing, and it was learning noise . . . just really loud), and the other time was to demonstrate something that a few students were asking about. I could write a whole lot more about it, but it’s even a long story when speaking.

Tonight was CiCi’s night for my school. I came back up to change and picked up Tim to go with me. I was pretty disappointed that I didn’t see any of the teachers in my grade while I was there or any of the kids in my class. I only saw one third grader the whole time I was there. She walked in with her family right after Tim and I and said, “I know her! She is one of my teachers!” telling her parents, so cutely! That made me happy to at least see her. I also saw a teacher that I recognize from school, but I do not know her name nor what grade she teaches. I should find that out. She was with a couple other teachers I vaguely recognized.

Now I need to get to grading my papers from our Science experiment today. The students explored the magnetic forces of push and pull and found out which is stronger. I also need to come up with a conclusion to tie in the lesson and see how I can prepare them for the next part of Science we will be doing. I am sooo tired right now, so we’ll see how much of that I end up doing while my teacher is teaching.

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    Woah now, I did NOT go up to change with you. lol I think you should probaly re-word that. What you meant to communicate is that you came back to Carrollton to get changed and then drove over to my apartment to pick me up for Ci Ci’s. 😉 That’s funny.

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    Dana Delynn 

    I fixed it. Thanks for pointing that out. I knew what I was thinking in my head. 🙂 Guess it just didn’t come out right in typing.

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    Jon Craver 

    Dana I am just now reading and cathcing up on your blog. Your CiCi’s night sounds so similar to my schoold skating night. I was the only “Teacher” thier the entire night, other than the coaches adn assistant principal, but a good handfull of my 5th graders were there. My being there really made a big impression on them and they mentioned it all the way till my last a day at the school. I am so glad that every thing is going so well with you. i will talk to you l8r sometime. Jon