06 Jan 2006 I want to be lazy!
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I haven’t started packing yet, and I move tomorrow. Usually I’m pretty good with this stuff, but this time, I feel like I’m kinda dreading it. I’ve enjoyed having this month off from life and just getting to spend time with my family and not have any responsibilities. It’s nice! I know that once I start packing I’ll be even closer to Monday where I will start my every weekday by getting up at 6am to make it to school on time. I will be working the hours of a teacher with no pay. Not really liking that idea either. But I know that with this experience I will be a better teacher in the Fall than I would be right now.

I talked to my teacher for over an hour last night. Although that was good and made me more comfortable, that was a little overwhelming for me. I have a notepad of notes that I took while we talked. This school is looking pretty promising to me though. I will be this teacher’s third student teacher, and her first two got hired at the school. And the other day when I talked to the vice principal she said they are looking to expand the school which means more positions. So if they like my work, I’ll have a good shoe in for a job next year. Lord if it’s your will, you will work that out.

I’m really just wasting time trying to procrastinate even more from having to pack. I can’t really wait any more though ’cause then I’ll go nuts trying to do everything last minute. Alright, maybe I’ll go try to pack…after I check my email one more time. 🙂

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