11 Jan 2006 I got my first present as a teacher!
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Yes, it’s true. A little girl from another class gave me a present. As I walked my class and another to the front of school to go home the girl I was walking next to handed me a rock and told me it was a present for me. I thanked her and smiled then went and told my teacher and had a laugh. These kids are so sweet, and I forget about these little quirks. We’ll see what else I get this semester. 🙂

Today has been the best so far. I did read to both classes before recess and got a few compliments from the students and my teacher. That helped boost my self esteem. I’m still having trouble navigating around the school, but the students know where they are going, and I can trust them to lead the class to our next destination.

Friday I will lead a small lesson, reading a story about snow flakes then having the class make their own snow flakes to hang on the sharing tree. That will be fun, I need to look over that lesson really well though. I also need to look over the science lessons I will start teaching next week. I will be teaching science for the next six weeks of my life then pick up another subject as each week comes.

Speaking of Science. My fist lesson I am doing is about the forces push and pull. The example the lesson says to use is have two kids play a game of tug-a-war. I am having a hard time comprehending the force of push in that game. My teacher told me that when the kid moves forward they are pushing. In my head they are being pulled by the other. If anyone reading this can help me comprehend that, I would greatly appreciate it. I need to do some research online for the lesson.

Small Groups was good tonight. We combined the girls and had a great time. We introduced the idea of big sis/lil sis to the girls and told them who their sister is and asked them what they would like to do with it. Then I gave the girls a quiz out of the “Revolve” magazine Bible that I grabbed from Tim’s office real quick. We did the quiz on Love Languages and read the passages that go with each after figuring out which is each girl’s love language. We also prayed a new way for the girls. I think a few were a little weirded out by it, but a few really liked it too.

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