17 Jan 2006 First Lesson
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I talked to my mom yesterday and today and she told me she’s been waiting for me to post some more. I’m obviously not posting enough. 🙂 So this one is for you mom! You can leave a comment also at the end of these blogs.

I taught my first lesson today, and it went okay. My objective was to introduce the forces push and pull. Simple concept, and one of my students knew the definition before I introduced it. I started off asking what all they knew about force, and they were right on the button. Made it pretty simple for me. I used tug-a-war to demonstrate pull and had the students write down their observations of 2 people playing in their science journal. And for push I had two students push a box towards each other. The students had a lot of fun, and wanted to do it some more, but for time, I couldn’t allow it, plus it’d get even more out of hand. I used the KWL chart which saved me for my first lesson, I really liked using it.

When I was finished my teacher said I did really well, that the students responded wonderfully to me and that I have a natural teaching ability. But she also said that I was right in telling her the first day that the number one thing I need to work on is discipline with controlling the classroom. So that will be something we will be working on as much as possible. My homework for tonight is to research discipline strategies and also write down strategies that she uses in the classroom. Then we will write some of them on a notecard for me to hold on to and when I get in a tough situation…instead of me freaking out, I’ll have the notecard to refer to with ideas on how to gain control back of the classroom.

After school I went to 24hr fitness with Tim to do 30 minutes of cardio. Then he cooked me dinner and played some Crash Tag Team Racing that he got me in turn for cleaning his apartment (my choice). Before leaving he let me borrow his walk-man and FM transmitter. Yes, I said walk-man. My teacher borrowed some cassette tapes from another teacher on “Love and Logic,” it’s the discipline style that my teacher uses in the classroom, so this will help me learn about it more.

While looking for Tim’s walk-man and transmitter I found his tape of songs that he wrote and sang while really little. It is so cute to listen to his little boy high pitched voice. 🙂 My favorite song he wrote and sang is: “Jesus, Jesus, you are the King of Me. Jesus, Jesus, you are the King over You and Me.” It’s hard to imagine Tim with this little voice. It’s a lot of fun listening to it! 🙂

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    Hey, I hid that tape from you a long time ago! You weren’t supposed to find it and steal it from me! Looks like I’ll need to buy a safe and throw away the keys if I ever need to keep something a secret from you. 😛

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    Dana Delynn 

    Eh, it’s okay. 🙂 I thought about duplicating it so I can have my own copy. But I know you’ll be nice enough to let me borrow it when I want/need it. I’ve been wanting to listen to it for a while. When you found it you wouldn’t let me listen to all the songs. You’re so cute!