09 Jan 2006 First day of School
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Today was good. I will definitely sleep well tonight. I went to sleep by 9:15 last night and still had a super hard time waking up this morning. I forgot to grab a slimfast to drink for breakfast on the road, and forgot to fill up for gas the night before, so I was a little panicked before I even left town. I was kind of glad I forgot about breakfast because I had a hard time stomaching a granola bar I packed in my lunch since I was so nervous. I knew that today would be great, but I couldn’t help but to be nervous.

My teacher is wonderful, the kids a great. I graded some papers today and gave stickers or marks at the end of the day in the student’s MOOSE that they take home every night. I walked around and helped students on their English work and also in the computer lab. I had recess duty and ate lunch in the staff lounge so I would have the opportunity to meet more teachers. The teaching team I am working with is really sweet too. I also met the vice principal in person today too. I met the main principal for a minute today just to say hi, but will go in and visit with her tomorrow.

So much happened today and I’m just trying to let it all sink in, so there isn’t much depth to my student teaching right now. I will start reading to the students tomorrow and will start teaching Science on Monday. I’m about to go grocery shopping for my lunches and then go work out with Debra. I shouldn’t have any problem falling asleep tonight. I am sooo worn out, and any energy I may have left right now is about to get worked out. 🙂

Oh, my commute is definitely better than most people in the area. I am going opposite of the traffic in the morning and afternoon. I left the house at 7 this morning and was in the front office by 7:45 after having to stop for gas, passing up the road that my map said to take, parking on the wrong side of the school and walking to the front. Then this afternoon I left at 4:30 and made it to Tim’s by 5. Very nice.

Tomorrow should be better, I’ll know the routine better and will hopefully actually eat breakfast. 🙂

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