10 Jan 2006 A Much Better Day
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Today was a lot better. I went to sleep later and woke up earlier, but my body has already adjusted to the early mornings. I even got to school ten minutes earlier than required. My teacher had me walk the students to the bathroom and instruct them as she watched me. Very nervous even about something as small as that, so I am glad she is already starting me off with that. I still have opted not to do the 10 minutes of reading before recess with another teacher’s class coming in at that time, although tomorrow I might try it. I read the last 15 minutes of class with a few other kids from another class in there, and my teacher said that the students were very into the story and me reading it. So that was nice to hear.

I met with the principal today. Very intimidated. I don’t think she meant to intimidate me, but she was a lot more authoritative than the vice principal. She was still nice though. The student tested most of the day in Math. I graded papers almost all day long and the tests. I even had to grade handwriting homework, which was left up to my judgment on how well they did. I was super nervous doing that, not wanting to grade different than they are usually graded, but I soon came up with my own plan on what I would base my grading on.

I was able to leave the school at 4 today, and will leave earlier than that tomorrow which will be good with Small Groups tomorrow. I’m so excited to see all my girls again! After school I came home to move my stuff into the room I’ll be staying in all semester since Brittany just moved out this morning. I was pretty surprised to find a mess in there while moving my stuff in there, but when I got back from 24hr. Fitness everything was cleaned and nice. I went to 24hr with Debra again. We had a good time Sunday, and today was even better. It’s so nice going with her ’cause she knows the machines pretty well. I’m completely lost when it comes to figuring them out. I have a good laugh at myself though. 🙂 I’m hoping Debra and I will figure out a good routine for working out once I get myself situated here. I’m very happen that we’ve already gotten to go 2 days this week! I am definitely sore from Sunday, and hoping that today will help my muscles get use to it…but I know my legs will be achin’ tomorrow.

On the way home tonight I was thinking about all the things God will be teaching me this semester, and I believe one of them right now is my emotional stability. Right now is my moody time of the month…which is so not fun with all these changes with student teaching and a new living arrangement. I can get worked up pretty easy with my living arrangements (’cause I hate moving, even when I know it’s good, I want to be stable) and with things that have to do with my future (student teaching). I have to constantly remind myself that God is the only one for me to go to for comfort and support. Which is a lesson I need to learn now for when student teaching gets more difficult. I did good today for the most part. I was good at school and go stressed when I got home, but was able to save that for the gym and everything was fixed when I came back home. God is working through so many people in my life, and at good times. I know that God has a hand in everything happening in my life, and I am so glad because I would be so lost without him.

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